BakeWorks has some of the most delicious, innovative cupcakes in town, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and make you the hit of your next party or event. To order in advance, call us at (605) 791-1713.

Selections vary daily, but often include: 


Banana Honey Cupcakes with cinnamon maple frosting and a little piece of banana top off these tantalizing treats.  


Caramel Popcorn Cupcake with caramel frosting which is infused with homemade caramel drizzle and a billowy white cake.  


Dr. Pepper Cupcake with Dr. Pepper frosting and a sweet Dr. Pepper drizzle.   


Jalapeño Corn Cupcake for the adventurous. These wonderfully spicy cupcakes are infused with jalapeño, corn and topped with a cream cheese frosting, Japanese panko and of course just a bit more jalapeño on top.


Neapolitan Cupcake take you back to when you were a child with classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream deliciousness.


Strawberry Cupcake with swirled almond frosting and fun gummy bear topping that leaves your mouth wanting more.